Food & drinks at shabliss

~ please note no food will be sold over shabbat ~ 

Passionate Catering

Shabbat pre-cooked meals
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Veggie cholent by Eshel — complimentary

The generous team at Eshel Catering are graciously providing vegetarian cholent COMPLIMENTARY for Shablissians! We're so excited. 

Available Saturday.


Falafel Omisi

Friday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday.

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Sausage Sizzle

Enjoy our very own amazing Shabliss sausage sizzle with meat from Continental Butchers.  


Friday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday.

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Liquid Infusion

Saturday night 9 - 1pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm
Mobile bar experience, cocktails, beer, juice, espresso.
Liquid Infusion will be serving drinks at the SHABLISS bar all weekend long -including Shabbat * The drinks menu is being customised for SHABLISS and for those that cannot live without their coffee, beer or both, we will have it all covered ! The bar area will be a lovely spot to sit and relax, wet the whistle and enjoy a refreshing drink at all hours of the day/night...
*You will be required to pre purchase drinks at Liquid Infusion before shabbat in order to enjoy hassle free on shabbat. 
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A special Shabliss recipe partnership with Zev Forman ( ) and Five Grains Bakery using the authentic wood pan fire pizza oven (kashered by mashgiach) and amazing dough and high quality ingredients. 

Sunday 11:00am until sold out.

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4me gluten free

The wonderful folks from 4me gluten free are coming to SHABLISS on Sunday! They will be selling their delicious cupcakes, biscuits and focaccia bread.
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Five Grains Bakery

Maaryasha Werdiger will be putting together a special SHABLISS bread menu to be announced soon and you can literally order online and then your epic sourdough bread will be waiting for you at SHABLISS ! Wow !

Communal meals

There will be two communal meals at SHABLISS ; Friday night and Shabbat lunch. We will all bring our own food or pre ordered food boxes to the main area for a communal Friday night dinner which will be followed by The Story Slam - a live storytelling show. For more info click here. 
The second and only other official communal meal will be Shabbat lunch at 12:30.